Upgrading the Sorek sewage works


Upgrading the Sorek sewage works (Jerusalem West) to work at a flow rate of 110,000 m3 per day

The challenge

Significant expansion without stopping the operation of the existing facility, in a small area that is bordered by the narrow Sorek Stream.

Our part in the project management

  • Detailed planning for upgrading and expansion of the biological process at the sewage works for large-scale biological removal of phosphorous and nitrogen inside existing structures
  • General and detailed planning for a UF-based tertiary filtration system
  • Planning the upgrading of the sludge treatment and biogas extraction system
  • General and detailed planning of the ballast water treatment system
  • Planning of a regulating pool
  • Planning management with a large Israeli consultant team combined with international experts

Other projects

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Expansion of the Shoket sewage works

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